Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter! Ethan woke up early and instead of coming into our room to wake us up as he usually does, he looked downstairs and spotted his first egg and hurried right down to see what was inside!
He hunted high and low and had very little trouble finding his Easter Basket.
Quintan, on the other hand slept in and was rather oblivious to the fun and festivitiesbut was happy and excited to see the eggs all the same!

Ethan enjoyed all his candy so much he thought he'd try the chalk too:)

After church we headed up to the Poggio's for a great food, great company, and even more egg hunting!
This was serious business, hard hat and all:)
We had a wonderful day, playing, eating, hunting and spending time with family, but the hightlight for me came in a few simple words from Ethan.
Me: what did you talk about in nursery today?
Ethan: The big rock.
Me: Oh yeah, you talked about a rock?
Ethan: Yeah, they rolled it away. They rolled it away and Jesus wasn't there!!!
I loved hearing his excitement as he told me that the tomb was empty.
I am grateful to know that the tomb was empty on that third day and excited about what that means for me and my family. I know that jesus lives.

Happy Easter everyone!


Karena said...

How cute!
They look so much alike.
Thanks for sharing the pictures!!
Have a great day!

Sarah Palfreyman said...

I love seeing these pictures! Happy Easter and congrats on anniversary #6. I bet its really fun to be close to family.

Bytheway, did you cut your hair? Its cute!

Greg & Deb said...

your boys are so cute in their easter outfits!

Sheri said...

What great fun. Everyone looks so darling!

Kaelyn said...

Your little guys are so handsome! They look so cute! It looks like you guys had a good Easter!

Diana said...

April 15th? This is a month later! How do you expect me to know what is going on through my back yard if I cannot stalk you and your family via your blog? If you're not careful I'll start posting what I "think" is happening over there... and I have an active imagination. :)

Cute story about the chocolate cake. I laughed.... a lot. :)